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Dell held a press conference in Los Angeles to announce its next-generation XPS PCs, which will include a “mobile entertainment device” that uses aspects of notebook and desktop design.

The new mobile Dell XPS M2010 will use articulated hinges to allow the device to fold up and be taken on the road. The Dell XPS 700, a more conventional looking high-powered desktop, will also be added to the lineup.

Finally, Dell announced the Dell XPS M1210, a 4.4-pound notebook, and said that its 24-inch widescreen 2407WFP monitor is now available worldwide.

Both PCs appeared on the Dell web site in advance of the launch, which will take place in Los Angeles.

Prices for the Dell XPS M2010 will begin at about $4,000, while the Dell XPS 700 will be priced at about $3,800.

Add-ons and upgrades will increase the price. The XPS M1210 will be priced at about $1,300, while the 2407WFP display will be priced at about $949, Dell said.

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