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Certive Corp. is trying to redefine the concept of data integration with its Certive Server.

The new data integration and management platform, introduced last week, is positioned to enterprises as an all-in-one alternative to existing tools for data extraction, transformation and loading; data marts; OLAP (online analytic processing) cubes; and front-end business intelligence applications.

Tools that companies already use can likewise be brought together on the Certive platform, which provides what officials at the Redwood City, Calif., software company call a single, model-driven method and maintenance point for data services. Other non-Certive tools can then be delivered as Web services that share the same object model.

Certive officials said this methodology lowers the costs and complexities of how a company handles its data since its model-driven approach—more common to transactional systems—allows changes to be made to data schemata and semantic layers on the fly.

The Certive product family, which includes Certive Server as well as Certive Model Composer and Certive Model Component Library, has been built according to the Object Management Group’s Unified Modeling Language standard.

Certive Server is a Java-based middleware layer that provides the run-time environment for Certive solution models. It manages model execution, stores and manages appropriate sets of data and metadata, and provides the resulting set of data services. A full set of connectors and adapters is available, allowing Certive solutions to access relational, multidimensional, hierarchical and message-based data.

The server supports SQL92 and SQL99 OLAP protocols and includes a Web development framework for prototyping business intelligence solutions, officials said.

Certive Server is available now. Pricing starts at $140,000, with a subscription to Model Component Library starting at $20,000 per year.