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1BYOD Security Becomes a Pervasive Issue

Percentage of End Users that Use a Personal Device for Work-Related Functions81% admit it, but getting them to actually confess that is another issue all together

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Will Connect to Company Network via an Unsecured Free or Public Wi-Fi Network31% admit to this risky behavior

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Have Let Someone Else Use the Personal Device They Use for Work46% share something they shouldn’t

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Percentage of People that Have Not Implemented Auto Lock Feature37% – probably not as many as you might have thought

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33% Admit Organization’s Data Is Not Encrypted on Personal Devices

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Percentage that Say Organization Has No BYOD Policy66% – Perhaps this is the actual root of the security problem

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25% Have Had Their Personal Device Infected or Hacked

8Three Things Solution Providers Should Do

Provide cybersecurity training that includes physical security, WiFi security and social engineering attacks. Try to provide at least four hours of face-to-face learning per end user.

9Three Things Solution Providers Should Do

Advise clients to make password-protected auto-locking a requirement on personal devices used for work and make sure employees know what makes a password strong.

10Three Things Solution Providers Should Do

Help develop and enforce a clear, written policy that lets employees know what work-related data they may access with their own devices.