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Blue Roads wants to get vendors and VARs talking.

To achieve that goal, the San Mateo, Calif., SAAS (software as a service) company is offering an update to its Deal Registration Manager application.

Unlike other deal registration program, Blue Roads offers a third-party application that allows both the vendors and VARs a way to share real-time information about opportunities in the channel.

For VARs and solution providers, the Blue Roads application allows them to bundle their various projects and services offerings—such as line-item quantity, value and incentive amount—into a single, complete package, when bidding for a particular job.

For vendors, the software gives them an opportunity to accept or reject specific line items within a VAR’s bid. The application also allows vendors to wholly reject or accept a VAR’s proposal.

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“A successful deal registration program is a two-way street, and the open sharing of information is critical to maximizing the benefits of the program,” said Blue Roads CEO Shinya Akamine, in a statement announcing the new version of its registration manager.

“Blue Roads provides that trusted third-party validation that results in an active partner community, which in turn impacts the bottom line.”

With its new application, Blue Roads is offering some improvements compared to previous offerings.

The new version offers an enhanced API and the ability run simultaneous programs across different regions with different criteria.

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Blue Road, which was founded in 2004, has about 1,300 vendors, VARs and solution providers registered with its deal registration management services.