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By Chris Ehrlich

RAMSEY, N.J. — All Covered is targeting small-to-medium businesses with an “all-in-one” platform for IT management services.

The IT services division of Konica Minolta developed its All Covered Assurance (ACA) offering after doing market research on ways to increase SMBs’ uptime.

The research showed that SMBs “rarely prioritize” preventative measures to reduce risk and minimize the downtime of applications and services, according to All Covered.

When SMBs don’t address prevention or implement an add-on solution or one-time application, the risks can lead to “costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction and unplanned IT spend.”

“We’ve always felt that every SMB organization deserves the same level of support and service as any enterprise environment, and for the most part, they have been largely underserved,” said Glenn Mathis, VP of global client services and solutions, All Covered.

A small business owner fills a shipping order. Courtesy Adobe.

A small business owner fills a shipping order. Courtesy Adobe.

All Covered Assurance

All Covered created ACA as a “simplified” platform to reduce or eliminate risks in the SMB IT environment.

Mathis said the platform offers “security-led solutions.” 

The platform predictively and proactively works to ensure IT availability at any time and helps customers to “future proof” their business.

ACA is built to help SMBs reach several operational goals: business productivity; system readiness; data availability; and security with “total visibility.” 

By integrating the “fundamental” IT tools, applications and services for SMBs, the platform is set up to “keep businesses running efficiently.” 

ACA’s “pillars”

The design of All Covered Assurance is based on three pillars to support IT integration for SMBs:


• Service desk support

• Application training and complete endpoint management

• Infrastructure availability and readiness through managed backups

• Server and network monitoring and management and device discovery


• Defense tools to safeguard users, endpoints, networks and servers

• Proactively search for vulnerabilities, including end-user awareness training

• External vulnerability scanning

• Infrastructure vulnerability profiling

• Emerging threats monitoring

• Restore data through managed backups

• Cybersecurity insurance


• Mobile worker support and infrastructure analysis to pivot around “changing environments.”


• Office365

• Voice over IP

• App development services for Sharepoint

• PowerBI services

• Website design and customization

• Vertical-specific customization 

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