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1Anoint a Technology Leader

With the passing of Steve Jobs the role of visionary for the industry is vacant. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just doesn’t have the tech cred to play that role.

2Imitation is Not Innovation

It may be the sincerest form of flattery, but real innovation requires originality. The intersection of mouse, touch and voice is the next big thing. Get there first.

3Repair OEM Relationships

Antagonizing OEM partners with a Surface tablet as part of an effort to boost stock price is not in anyone’s ultimate best interest, especially when it’s only available online and in a handful of Microsoft stores.

4Get a Head in the Cloud

Azure needs to be a lot more than an alternative place to develop Windows applications. It needs to be the hub for a federated environment that create a big cloud trend across the channel.

5More Flexible Licensing Terms

One of the reason IT executives are turning a blind eye to Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) to work is they perceive Windows licensing terms to be onerous.

6Pick up the Smartphone

Nokia isn’t going to answer the call. Microsoft needs OEM partners to step up. By the way, building a mouse doesn’t count as hardware experience.

7Get Excited about Windows Server

Stop treating Windows Server 8 as an afterthought or be prepared to be subservient to VMware in the enterprise for a very long time.

8Look and Feel of Windows 8 for Business

A touch enabled user interface for tablets, long overdue, is great. But the Metro user interface won’t necessarily work equally well across all applications, especially in corporate environments.

9Fix the Marketing Machine

Microsoft is being outmaneuvered by rivals at almost every turn. is not the center of IT universe. Company execs need to engage where the IT conversations are happening.

10Motivate the Channel

A few extensions to incentives to existing programs doesn’t do whole lot in the way of identifying new use case and opportunities for Microsoft products and technologies that the channel can actively sell.