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12010s VARs Predictionss1 and Resolutions

It’s that time again, when we rid ourselves of the past year’s regrets and resolve to do better on the next swing around the sun. Now that we’re putting the challenges of 2009 behind, Channel Insider asked readers for their predictions and resolutions for 2010. Overall, solution providers looking into their crystal balls are foreseeing a brighter year ahead.

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Patrick Wilson Vital Signs TechnologyThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:ASIC-based Firewalls/Antivirus in PC HardwareThe Business Climate of 2010:Local outsourcing will increase, but overall business will suffer as inflation increasesThe Standout Vendor of 2010:NetWitness (digital forensics) and Juniper Networks (standardizing Juno OS across all platforms)Business New Year’s Resolution:To outsource billing and deploy new professional services automation (PSA)

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Scott ScorginHTG Peer GroupsThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Cloud computing that incorporates business analytics and metricsThe Business Climate of 2010:Slow, steady improvement, but no job growth until late in the year; outsourcing opportunities for solution providersThe Standout Vendor of 2010:Hewlett-Packard – it will continue to expand and grow by integrating more and more of its product linesBusiness New Year’s Resolution:Be disciplined about developing quality relationships

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Scott FergusonWasatch SoftwareThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Windows 7 – Microsoft has only scratched the surface with the launch of this operating system; keep an eye on Office 2010The Business Climate of 2010:A moderate uptick in 2010, but businesses will remain relatively conservative in their spendingThe Standout Vendor of 2010:Perhaps Symantec – they’re making moves to solidify themselvesBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To seek talented individuals and organizations that will be a great fit with our company

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Joe GleisnerEssential TechnologyThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Cloud-based services driven by companies with constrained capital budgetsThe Business Climate of 2010:Indictors are pointing to healthy growth. I expect 40% to 50% growth, but it won’t be easy The Standout Vendor of 2010:HP – they really understand the SMB market that I operate in; Lefthand SAN is a very strong SMB competitorBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To continue aggressive expansion to offset any poor market conditions To continue aggressive expansion to offset any poor market conditions

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Dan HoltHeitThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:For non-consumer technology, cloud-based services (it will peak in 2010)The Business Climate of 2010:Managed services will grow 20%, but we’ll see an increasing migration to SaaSThe Standout Vendor of 2010:Google, periodBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To maximize efficiency while increasing long-term revenue

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Dan WilsonWaypoint Solutions GroupThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Something in the security and compliance areaThe Business Climate of 2010:In the last two months, we’ve closed more business than in the first half of 2009. I expect that to continueThe Standout Vendor of 2010:Not a clue on this oneBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To sustain growth with a continued focus on customer service excellence

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John ConveryDenali Advanced IntegrationThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Windows 7 and Microsoft Products; and VDI and virtualizationThe Business Climate of 2010:There will be growth in key segments: print management, converged infrastructure, mobility and networkingThe Standout Vendor of 2010:Hewlett-Packard and Cisco; Dell is a long-shot. Motorola and Intermec will stand out in mobilityBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To be #1 in all Denali practices (Microsoft, networking, print management, etc.) and offer IT consulting services

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MJ ShoorJenaly Technology GroupThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Wouldn’t it be nice to know? Document management technologies have potentialThe Business Climate of 2010:There is still a lot of uncertainty, but I think the general climate is more hopeful and positive and indicators are goodThe Standout Vendor of 2010:Not sure, but Microsoft has a homerun with Windows 7 and I expect that to help Microsoft and the industryBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To focus in on our core processes to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible

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Steve HarperNetwork Management GroupThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:The Droid Cellular device and the way it will change the way people work (iPhone too)The Business Climate of 2010:Slightly better than 2009 but still cautiously optimisticThe Standout Vendor of 2010:I think the majors like HP, Microsoft, IBM, will all do well as people embrace upgraded technologyBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To get a handle on internal processes and be better in the way we deliver services and communicate with clients

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Pat GrilloAtrion Communication ResourcesThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:For us, it will be about growing our professional services revenue. Right now we are seeing a good trendThe Business Climate of 2010:I expect moderate growth in the first half of 2010 and a little better in Q3 and Q4The Standout Vendor of 2010:We are currently evaluating all our vendors, but do not expect to be finished until sometime in FebruaryBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To work smarter and not harder, and find more time for the grand kids

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Greg DonovanAlpheonThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:I think that the Google phone will change the game for RIM and others The Business Climate of 2010:In 2009 flat was the new up but I think that 2010 will be a repeat of 2009The Standout Vendor of 2010:Google (is there any question?)Business New Year’s Resolution:To focus on our core vertical and gain more penetration in upstream markets

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Stuart RaburnTeklinksThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:The cloud! The cloud! The Business Climate of 2010:Continuing to slowly improve – we’re forecasting a 22% revenue increase for 2010The Standout Vendor of 2010:CiscoBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To delegate more and focus on higher level projects

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Brian FuherSoftwareOneThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Windows 7 will dominated the landscape and fuel a hardware refresh delayed by the lack of a good OS The Business Climate of 2010:The climate will increase slightly; companies have learned that flat to little growth is very acceptable and any added profits can go to the bottom line The Standout Vendor of 2010:Hard to imagine anyone surpassing Microsoft in revenue; watch Kaspersky Lab for new security productsBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To uncover opportunities that can benefit our business growth

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Blake WebberBCI AnswersThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Virtualization; the joint collaboration project between Cisco, EMC, VMware and the products they individually release will be big.  It’s an all in kind of moment for virtualizationThe Business Climate of 2010:Growth will be moderate rate of 8-10%The Standout Vendor of 2010:Cisco and/or MicrosoftBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To do a better job of prioritizing; focusing in places where the most impact can be achieved

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David DadianPower SolutionThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Software as a service and virtualizationThe Business Climate of 2010:Nothing but growth!The Standout Vendor of 2010:Does it really matter?Business New Year’s Resolution:To continue managed growth

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Daniel HaureyExigent TechnologiesThe Most Significant Technology of 2010:Software as a serviceThe Business Climate of 2010:Modestly higher and more robust than 2009, but there will be continued margin pressureThe Standout Vendor of 2010:Rackspace (hosted and cloud services) and AppleBusiness New Year’s Resolution:To focus more energy on fewer, high-value targets

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