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Costly business

1 - Lost ProductivityLost Productivity

Your company is spending too much time discussing which IT systems to deploy, and troubleshooting system crashes or slowdowns. This takes time away from discussions around new product developments and other business-critical issues.

2 - Too Much IT JargonToo Much IT Jargon

You know more buzzwords about IT than your industry. This likely means your company is focusing too much on IT at the expense of your business.

3 - Overworked IT StaffOverworked IT Staff

Your IT staff is overworked and always attending training programs to learn how to integrate and manage your multi-source solutions. Integrating solutions from different vendors can be complex and expensive, and result in compatibility issues that require days of troubleshooting.

4 - Product DelaysProduct Delays

IT compatibility, operations and management issues interrupt the rollout of new products and services. If your in-house IT staff is running into these issues, it’s having a direct impact on your business and the capabilities of your business.

5 - Bundled Solutions Aren't the AnswerBundled Solutions Aren’t the Answer

Do you wish your lease on a bundled solution will end so you can select the tools your business really needs? Integrating and managing multi-vendor solutions may be a consideration for your business, and it’s something MSPs do every day.

6 - Time Is MoneyTime Is Money

Are employees spending too much time waiting for internal applications to respond? If your employees can’t work, then your customers can’t make purchases and partners can’t deliver the products and services they need.

7 - Inefficiency Is CostlyInefficiency Is Costly

Infrastructure and operational budgets keep rising, while availability and performance of your data center keeps falling. Slowdowns and crashes can affect your revenue, profits, and reputation.

8 - Cloudy SkiesCloudy Skies

Reconsider your cloud services provider if your business experiences unexpected cloud outages, the need to continually buy new management and monitoring software for cloud platforms, and it’s getting more difficult to diagnose and fix performance or security issues.

9 - Stagnant TechnologyStagnant Technology

Your MSP hasn’t made any recommendations that will either reduce your costs or increase your sales or profits. A true MSP partner will tailor technology to your business requirements that will improve capabilities such as empowering the workforce through smartphone interfaces, facilitating real-time collaboration and improving application performance.

10 - It's a Big MisunderstandingIt’s a Big Misunderstanding

Your MSP doesn’t understand your business and the solutions they recommend don’t meet the unique requirements of your business. A “business killer” is all the things your MSP isn’t doing because they don’t understand your business such as suggesting solutions for your biggest problems.