Security appliance infrastructure vendor SonicWall is strengthening its play
in the managed services space by offering solution providers a host of
educational and marketing materials to help them get into the managed services
business. But that’s just the beginning

Later this year, the company plans to introduce more flexible licensing options
to better match the managed services business model that is so different from
the VAR business model.

“I think we’ve solved the technology part,” Marvin Blough, SonicWall’s channel
chief, tells Channel Insider. “We now need to start solving the business
model pieces of being a managed service provider. We are looking to adjustments
to our management and billing systems.”

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SonicWall is also looking to support of third-party technology as yet another
phase of its plans, scheduled to start by the end of this year.

“Integration is going to be very important—integration with other managed
services business platforms,” Blough says. “You will see the new licensing
programs, and the initiatives around other programs for other platforms and

SonicWall today announced what it is calling Phase 2 of its Next Generation
Managed Service Provider program, comprising a series of educational programs
delivered as Webinars, white papers and other training materials to partners,
helping to illustrate the process of becoming a successful MSP.

“We believe that it is now more important than ever for SonicWall to deepen its
commitment to the partner community and be in lockstep with our partners as
they navigate the global economic crisis,” says Jan Sijp, director of policy
management at SonicWall, in the company’s prepared announcement, issued today.
“We are proud to be able to offer our partners innovative technology solutions
while allowing them to broaden their portfolio offerings and realize new
revenue streams.”

Phases 3 and 4, scheduled for delivery later this year, are the changes to the
billing and management systems and then the integration with other third-party
providers. SonicWall says Phase 1 was its initial foray into the managed
services space.