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In an illuminating discussion with Channel Insider: Partner POV host Katie Bovoso. Jennifer Vosburgh, Vice President of Marketing at Tego Inc., provides insights into navigating the ever-evolving intricacies of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance. Watch the video or tune into the podcast to learn about the distinctive benefits Tego’s Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) status provides in a competitive marketplace, and discover how RPO certification can elevate your standing as a leading cybersecurity provider.

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Tego’s versatility and CMMC leadership

At the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, Tego not only delivers cutting-edge solutions for asset tracking, supply chain management, and lifecycle optimization but also gains a distinctive edge by performing CMMC pre-assessments. Developed by the Department of Defense (DoD), CMMC is the framework for cybersecurity best practices within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and is the definitive gold standard for cybersecurity standards across all industries.

Beyond providing hybrid public and private cloud solutions, Tego offers clients a dedicated security audit and compliance team that ensures strict adherence to cybersecurity regulations. Servicing industry-leading clients such as Honeywell, Parker Aerospace, Collins Aerospace, and others, Tego’s innovative solutions reach organizations across diverse industries.

In this landscape of cybersecurity excellence, the company’s commitment to versatility, innovation, and proficiency positions it as a leader in CMMC compliance. Highlighting its unique value proposition, Vosburgh said, “What really makes us stand out is our ability to offer a multitude of solutions. We adopt a hybrid solution approach.”

Tego’s adaptability is evident in its support for large-scale IT services projects, including engineering residencies in which its engineering team seamlessly integrates with client teams to provide specialized security solutions. Vosburgh emphasized Tego’s proficiency in assessing controls against the objectives of both the CMMC and the National Institute of Standards Technology 800-171 (NIST 800-171), the standard for safeguarding sensitive non-classified information in the U.S.

Challenges of RPO certification

The DoD is progressively rolling out standards for CCMC compliance. The implementation of CMMC 2.0, initiated in May 2023 and set for full implementation by October 2025, introduces a highly complex landscape. One such complexity is that a growing number of DOD contractors are imposing phased-in compliance standards on their subcontractors — a process characterized by Vosburgh as involving “a lot of red tape.” Given the limited number of RPOs in the market, Tego holds a strategic advantage.

Vosburgh underscored that the heightened level of scrutiny will be apparent to customers, likening it to “adding a lot more barbed wire being wrapped around your data” as the DoD intensifies its CMMC standards. She also notes that the journey to gaining and maintaining RPO status involves a multitude of requirements, stating that many organizations that initially embarked on the compliance process eventually abandoned it, citing its impracticality.

To gain RPO status, providers must undergo the required training and, in some cases, pass exams demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of the framework. Certified Assessors and Third-Party Organizations (C3PAOs) are expected to strictly adhere to the guidelines and standards set by the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB), the non-profit organization responsible for providing the accreditations.

Emphasizing the company’s commitment to staying fully informed about ongoing changes, Vosburgh noted that the company’s website features a page that illustrates the time organizations need to commit for various phases of the certification/compliance process — which can run up to a full year. One of the ecosystem’s benefits, however, is the opportunity to collaborate with licensed professional trainers and C3PAOs, who offer a range of diverse services.

“We do the pre-assessment, and then after that [our clients] go on to a different part of the ecosystem to finish out their compliance journey. We have people that we can recommend to them,” she said.

Success through project guidance, implementation, and ongoing support

Tego’s notable achievements include numerous successful client projects.The company provided substantial support to a national entertainment company with over 40 distinct sites. In its inaugural client meeting, Tego presented the client with a robust solution that significantly enhanced its IT environment after implementation. The project resulted in a highly successful outcome and paved the way for a lasting client relationship.

Tego has also cultivated a longstanding partnership with a global enterprise cloud software company. Despite the significant turnover in the client’s IT department, Tego’s involvement ensured seamless continuity. By developing an in-depth understanding of the client’s team and environment over the years, Tego played a pivotal role in maintaining the company’s operational stability, and the company was able to enjoy a sense of consistency, with no disruptions to its IT operations.

Tego extends its value proposition to understanding each client’s long-term strategy and specialized security needs. This dedication translates into a collaborative approach to formulating a future-forward roadmap that safeguards its clients’ operations. Beyond addressing clients’ cybersecurity needs, company experts delve into broader objectives related to reliability, productivity, and risk reduction, offering comprehensive support in these areas.

By forming true partnerships, Tego aims to support clients in their day-to-day operations and ongoing technological needs amidst increased industry consolidation and the emergence of advanced technologies, including AI. While AI may not be a current priority for 2024, Vosburgh stated, “We’ll have to remain focused on ensuring that we are doing everything we can to understand how to support that, how to protect a client’s environment, and how to make sure [our client’s] data and their environment are secure.”

Drawing inspiration from Tego’s success, service providers and channel partners can initiate their own CMMC journeys to cultivate a robust reputation within this up-and-coming marketplace.

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