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Managed Print Services

1 - The Print Office EnvironmentThe Print Office Environment

At least 98% of end users report needing to print at least once per quarter, with 22% saying their print volumes are very high, 33% reporting they have moderately high volumes, 34% reporting mid-level volumes and 11% saying they have low volumes.

2 - Can't Get Print SatisfactionCan’t Get Print Satisfaction

75% of end users report paper jams as a top annoyance, while 74% report replacing ink or toner as a frustration. Falling much further back in line is the waste of paper as a frustration, at 41%.

3 - Turning to MPSes for HelpTurning to MPSes for Help

56% of firms that had large print volumes reported being MPS adopters. In fact, large firms, or those with more than 500 employees, with large print volumes reported MPS adoption rates twice those of smaller firms, which have one to 99 employees.

4 - Finding MPS SatisfactionFinding MPS Satisfaction

84% of MPS adopters report being very satisfied or mostly satisfied with services.

5 - Reliable ServiceReliable Service

Among the top reasons for MPS satisfaction are consistent and reliable service (90%), quality of customer service (90%) and the freeing up of staff time (87%).

6 - Selecting an MPSSelecting an MPS

One in three MPS customers, typically a small- or midsize business, use a local or regional provider. Meanwhile, 38% report turning to a large provider historically seen as a print or copier vendor, such as Ricoh or Xerox, and 24% to a large provider, typically viewed as an IT vendor, such as Dell or HP.

7 - Can't Avoid Involvement in MPSesCan’t Avoid Involvement in MPSes

42% of IT channel firms report being directly involved with MPSes. An additional 22% have indirect involvement, including through partnerships or other type of support.

8 - Market Growth ExpectedMarket Growth Expected

One in every three MPS providers expects there will significant market growth in the next 12 months, with 55% predicting this because of growing customer awareness of MPSes and 45% saying investments in sales and marketing should lead to new customers.

9 - Familiarity With MPSes on the RiseFamiliarity With MPSes on the Rise

23% of respondents reported being very familiar with MPSes, compared with 18% in 2011. What’s more, 65% of IT staff have familiarity with MPSes, compared with 38% for business executives.

10 - Trend Toward GreenTrend Toward Green

77% of MPS adopters are more likely to connect “green” IT to print than non-MPS adopters.

11 - The Less-Paper OfficeThe Less-Paper Office

About 80% of respondents are pursuing less-paper strategies in their offices, with one in five businesses pursuing it to a high degree.