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It’s probably happened to everybody who uses e-mail: You click the button to retrieve your messages and all of a sudden you notice the download bar is stuck somewhere in the middle, moving at snail’s pace.

One of your friends or colleagues has done it again: sent you a large file with audio, video or graphics that brings your e-mail client to its knees.

Well, so much for e-mail video.

Unless, that is, you happen to use a nifty little product from a company headquartered outside Albany, N.Y., in Troy.

C2Hub, a wholly owned subsidiary of software developer Auxilia, has solved the problem of bogging down e-mail transmissions with large files with a product called Broadcast Visions, for which the company is building a channel partner network.

“I want to work exclusively through the channel,” says Brett Johnson, a founder and senior vice president at C2Hub. However, he adds he has C2Hub staff calling on end users. “You have to get out there and create demand.”

Johnson started recruiting partners in January and is shooting for 50 or so by year’s end.

For lack of a better term, let’s call Broadcast Visions a video e-mail application. Just don’t be surprised if Johnson cringes when you use the term. It was just a couple of weeks ago, he admits, that he came to terms with using the “video e-mail” terminology.

You see, as straightforward as Broadcast Visions is to use, explaining it to potential users is a bit more challenging.

We shall do our best:

Anybody with a webcam can use the product. Say you’re a sales rep wanting to tell clients about an end-of-month promotion. You make a quick video and use the C2Hub software to add other types of files, such as a PowerPoint presentation, photos or flash files. Using the C2Hub software, you send and store the presentation as a hotlink in an e-mail file.