Intel, AMD Must Evolve to Succeed

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The computer business is changing, and the microprocessor business is changing with it. Intel and AMD luminaries have noted that their respective companies are changing to meet the needs of today's consumers of computers.

CEO Paul Otellini says the industry should stop viewing Intel as solely a chip maker and come to see it as a computing business, complete with software and services. For its part, AMD, with its Vision strategy, is looking to change how consumers buy PCs; at the same time, the company sees the 2011 release of its Fusion chips as an avenue into electronic devices beyond the core PC and server markets.

Officials from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices this week once again spoke about the changing dynamics in the computer industry and their companies' efforts to change with them.

During a meeting with investors May 11, Intel CEO Paul Otellini and other executives spoke about how they expect earnings and revenues to show growth in the low double digits over the next few years as Intel continues to evolve. "Don't think of us as a chip company anymore," Otellini told investors. "We are a computing company."