Apple iPad Could Hurt Sales of iPod Touch

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Apple's iPad with its one million unit sales in the first month could also have a downside. One analyst firm says that the iPad could cannibalize sales of Apple iPods and MacBooks.

Apple's iPad may cannibalize sales of related devices, including notebooks and the iPod Touch, according to a March survey by Alphawise, Morgan Stanley's specialized internal research team. Some 44 percent of iPad owners surveyed said they would forgo purchasing a notebook, while 24 percent said MacBooks and 20 percent said PCs.

"U.S. consumer PC, and especially notebook growth decelerated in January when Apple introduced the iPad and again in April when the iPad launched," Katy Huberty, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, wrote in a research note reprinted in Apple Insider on May 6. "Given the corresponding increase in [average selling prices] in the market, we believe much of the demand shortfall came from netbooks and low-cost notebooks."