IBM Federal Suspension Timeline

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Here's a snapshot timeline of the roller coaster ride that IBM and its partners have been on for the past week since the company first learned of its suspension from participating in government contracts.  

Friday, April 4 -- The General Services Administration issues a statement saying that the Environmental Protection Agency has lifted the suspension which banned IBM from participating in any new contracts with any federal agencies.  IBM says it will resume its participation immediately, and will continue to cooperate with government investigations.

Thursday, April 3 -- Reversing a previous statement, the GSA tells Channel Insider that IBM resellers are unaffected by the IBM ban.  Meanwhile, resellers contacted by Channel Insider express their ongoing loyalty to Big Blue.

Wednesday, April 2 -- The GSA tells Channel Insider that the ban's scope reaches to cover IBM and IBM resellers alike.

Monday, March 31 -- IBM acknowledges publicly that it has been suspended by the EPA, effectively banning the company from participating in any new GSA contracts. IBM says in its statement that the EPA's action blindsided the company. In addition, IBM said the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia served IBM and certain employees with grand jury subpoenas asking for testimony and documents on interactions between the EPA and IBM.

Friday, March 28 -- IBM learns that it is listed on a GSA site listing parties barred from bidding on federal contracts. After inquiries, IBM receives an official letter of suspension.



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