The Cheapest Storage Is What You Already Own

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HP’s newest storage and virtualization solutions can help customers of any size overcome their server and storage pain points to successfully weather a troubled economic climate.

Finally, Fitze says HP will offer enhancements to its HP SAN Virtualization Services Platform, which creates a virtual storage pool out of various heterogeneous arrays within customers’ legacy environments.

"The cheapest storage capacity is the stuff customers already own, so we’re helping them get the most out of existing investments by increasing their ability to use their capacity," he says, adding that many SAN customers are running utilization rates at 50 percent or less.

SAN Virtualization Services Platform Version 2.1 (SVSP 2.1) is a network-based storage virtualization solution that increases available storage capacity and streamlines storage operations by reducing the time required for migration, replication, backup and bringing new applications into production, Fitze says.

The solution will also support arrays from most of the leading storage providers, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with customers’ existing infrastructure. Supported vendors include Hitachi, IBM, EMC and NetApp, as well as HP, of course, Fitze says.

The new solution will help customers simplify the provisioning, management and optimization of virtualized server and storage environments, regardless of size, and whether or not they’re currently using virtualization technology, he says.

"Customers looking to virtualize servers aren’t all starting at the same place," Fitze says. "For newer customers and for smaller shops, we have LeftHand’s SAN IQ that can help with the initial move to blades and a virtual server environment."

HP’s EVA offerings can help customers who’ve already implemented a Fibre Channel SAN, and for those customers who already have virtualization and SAN technology—Fitze says the SVSP can help them make the most of their investments.

"Regardless of where customers are starting from, we can help them get to a virtualized environment, protect their data, increase efficiencies and also drive down costs," Fitze says.


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