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Business Intelligence

1 - Drivers of Data ProjectsDrivers of Data Projects

Most data projects are driven from the top down: 63% of top performers said data initiatives are launched and driven by their corporate leadership, compared with 38% of bottom performers.

2 - Dedicated Data and Analytics Groups EmergeDedicated Data and Analytics Groups Emerge

Companies with dedicated groups make for better prospects: 41% have a centralized data and analytics group that takes the lead for introducing and implementing data initiatives, compared with 28% of bottom performers.

3 - Tools MatterTools Matter

32% of performance leaders think that all employees in their organization have access to the data they need, while only 17% of subpar performers said the same; 20% of top performers said their employees have access to user-friendly ways to carry out data analyses, but just 5% of bottom performers indicated the same.

4 - Data Access Make a DifferenceData Access Make a Difference

Visualization of the data equals insights. The ability to access data and quantitative tools that convert numbers to insights is two to three times more common in data-centric companies.

5 - Data Access Drives Business AgilityData Access Drives Business Agility

68% of top performers indicated that information and knowledge is shared more quickly and more freely in their companies, compared with just 36% of underperformers. 56% have seen better collaboration across business units, versus 29%, and 55% believe that speed of execution and quality have improved, compared to 26%.

6 - Data LimitationsData Limitations

More than half, 57%, said they do a poor job of capturing and disseminating important business data, while two-thirds report that data is also unevenly distributed inside the organization.

7 - CEOs Live on Another Data PlanetCEOs Live on Another Data Planet

Just under half of CEOs, 47%, are much more likely to believe data and analytical tools are widely available, but only 27% of other respondents feel the same way.

8 - CEOs' Data DreamsCEOs’ Data Dreams

Just over half of CEOs, 53%, think data utilization has led to less hierachical decision-making, but only 36% of other respondents agreed.

9 - Data Most DesiredData Most Desired

The most valuable type of data, selected by 53%, is customer demographics and behavioral patterns, which only 28% indicated was widely available. External market data is also ranked relevant and useful by 45%, but only 36% see that as being readily available.

10 - The Trouble With TrainingThe Trouble With Training

Training needs more attention. More than half, 58%, say training is widely used, but only 48% agree it is highly effective.

11 - Better Data Equals Better ManagementBetter Data Equals Better Management

57% of respondents indicated that greater access to data-driven insights gives them better control of internal risks and the capability to operate more efficiently; 45% said they can better respond to external market threats and opportunities.