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  • Top 11 Cloud Managed Service Providers

    Top 11 Cloud Managed Service Providers
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    Organizations en masse are adopting cloud infrastructure to compete with the ever-changing digital landscape. In the shift from legacy systems and physical, on-premises hardware, many companies are ill-equipped to make a more profound commitment to cloud workloads or don’t have the internal resources to do so effectively. Like managed services of decades past, big-name consultancies… Read more

  • Lenovo Changes Its North American Channel Focus

    Lenovo Changes Its North American Channel Focus
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    As Lenovo prepares for a Lenovo TechWorld conference in China, the company’s approach to the channel is evolving in North America. Sammy Kinlaw, channel chief for Lenovo in North America, said the firm is endeavoring to focus its channel partners on higher-margin PCs, while also creating a dedicated data center channel program. Previously, Lenovo had… Read more

  • Dell Completes EMC Buyout, Channel Watches Closely

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    While Sept. 7 might mark Dell Technologies’ first official day as an entity that includes EMC, solution providers will find themselves dealing with multiple business units and organizations underneath what amounts to, for all practical purposes, a holding company. The three main elements of Dell Technologies are a client division henceforth to be simply known… Read more

  • Huawei to Press Its U.S. Market Case


    When it comes Huawei, two immutable facts are hard to ignore. First, Huawei is a multibillion company that sells massive amounts of networking, server and storage infrastructure worldwide. The second is that, going as far back as 2012, Huawei has been something of a pariah to the U.S. government. Suspicions concerning how closely aligned Huawei… Read more

  • Hyperconvergence Wars Escalate Across Channel

    Hyperconvergence Wars Escalate Across Channel

    The fierce fight for dominance over hyperconverged systems—which combine servers and storage into a single offering—escalated considerably in the channel, following a move by Nutanix to allow its software to be deployed on servers manufactured by Cisco. While Nutanix initially pursued a hardware strategy in the last year, the company has also opted to make… Read more

  • Who Needs a Channel? Maybe You

    Who Needs a Channel? Maybe You

    You may not have noticed it happening all around you, but many channel partners have been quietly introducing their own products. Often, these are software products—applications that do everything from ERP to analytics—designed, developed and marketed by themselves. This is happening mainly because the behemoths of the IT industry have been stomping around in your… Read more