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Pity the typical small business, an entity that must face enterprise-level security threats with an almost nonexistent budget. Most businesses have turned to the brute force method of deep packet inspection and unified threat management (UTM) services to combat those ever evolving threats. But, there is a big problem with that approach; brute force requires brute strength and most SMB UTM appliances lack that strength. This leaves small businesses ill equipped to dam the swelling tide of internet-borne threats such as worms, malware and spam.

SonicWALL has taken pity on those potential victims and has introduced the TZ 210 series of UTM appliances, which promises to stem the tide of security threats for the SMB environment. Starting at under $1,000, the TZ 210 has the potential to become the 800-pound gorilla of the channel security market. The device does much more than the “consumer level” products that have permeated the SMB market, while bringing an enterprise-level features that challenges the giants of enterprise security – Cisco Systems, F5 Networks, and Juniper Networks.


What’s more, SonicWALL has added 802.11n, stateless failover and bundled VPN clients to the TZ 210 series, which elevates the device to much more than just a UTM appliance and makes the TZ 210 series a good fit for branch offices.

A business can get the basic TZ 210 for just $899, but most should consider the TZ 210 Wireless-N Total Secure, which is at the pinnacle of SonicWALL’s TZ security appliances. That top of the heap unit offers most anything a small business could need security wise, including one year of SonicWALL’s comprehensive Gateway Security Suite. The TZ 210 Wireless-N Total Secure retails for $1,395, a significant jump in price when compared to the entry-level unit, but a qualified bargain when one considers the added features of 802.11n and Gateway Security.