Data loss prevention (DLP) vendor Palisade Systems has
rolled out a new software development kit (SDK) and specialized cloud and
mobile products that it hopes will help cloud service providers, mobile device
vendors and channel partners integrate Palisade’s DLP functionality into their
solutions. A 100-percent channel-driven company, Palisade says the move should
offer greater momentum for its partners and the partners at technology vendors
that will take advantage of its latest push.

The company made a dual announcement this week, starting
first with the release of its SDK, which will give major technology vendors,
ISVs and even social media platform developers an easier way of baking in
Palisade’s data content inspection into their products.

"The SDK really reaches a broad audience of other
vendors providing solutions in the areas of cloud, security, social networks,
messaging gateway infrastructure and so on," says Mike Lough, vice
president of marketing for Palisade. "We’re really talking about the
vendors that are providing those solutions so they can incorporate DLP into
those solutions to be able to scrutinize that data streaming through it for
various types of content, be it content that relates to security or

The second announcement builds off the SDK release, with
Palisade announcing new Palisade PacketSure Mobile and Cloud Security solutions
that will be rolled out in first quarter of 2012 following a beta period it is
running at the moment. Palisade has already dipped its toe in the cloud arena
with work that it has done with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide DLP in
that environment for Amazon customers with web, email, or database servers in
EC2 or Virtual Public Cloud environments.

The two product specializations would bring content
inspection capabilities to cloud and mobile applications and broaden out
Palisade’s channel reach to other participating vendors’ footprints.

"We have channel partners who look at our solution and
offer it up as a SaaS product so they’re acting as the MSP for it in providing
a virtual solution for their customers," Lough says. "I think from
the cloud perspective there is a lot of opportunity that this brings to channel
providers. Cloud is hot, and customers are looking for solutions that help them
there. On the SDK side of it, a lot of this has to do with the channel that the
technology partners work with. From their perspective it helps their channel.
From our perspective, it helps ours as well."