Network Security Issues Still a Big Problem for Business

1Network Security Issues Still a Big Problem for Business

Devices Running with Known Vulnerabilities38 percent of today’s implemented networking devices, everything from switches to routers, are currently running with known security vulnerabilities.

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Managing Compliance Across the NetworkOne of the biggest mistakes organizations make is failing to manage compliance and security at a network level. That means companies are taking a business risk of which they most likely are unaware. Research found that an overall average of 4.7 configuration best practice errors occurred per device.

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No Fixes and No Support for Network DevicesForty-one percent of network devices scanned had reached at least end-of-sale status, and 50 percent of that group was beyond either end-of-software-maintenance orlast-day-of-support. That means no bug fixes and no support. Ouch.

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What to do? “Effective network planning for lifecycle milestones is essential in ensuring smooth functionality and unfettered connectivity – while also providing a platform for taking advantage of the latest developments in IT,” said Rich Schofield, business development manager for Network Integration at Dimension Data.

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About the ResearchThe researched was released as part of Dimension Data’s Network Barometer Report 2010. It aggregates data from 235 organizations and the Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) Assessments conducted by Dimension Data around the world during 2009.


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