12 Key Facts About SMBs’ Cyber-security Needs

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1 - 12 Key Facts About SMBs' Cyber-security Needs12 Key Facts About SMBs’ Cyber-security Needs

No company, big or small, is immune to a cyber-attack or data breach. New research suggests why SMBs need to up the ante when it comes to security protection.

2 - SMB TargetsSMB Targets

55% of respondents said their companies have experienced a cyber-attack, and 50% had data breaches involving customer and employee information in the past 12 months.

3 - Biggest ThreatsBiggest Threats

Top threats to SMBs are Web-based attacks, according to 49% of respondents, and phishing/social engineering (43%).

4 - Root CausesRoot Causes

The most common causes for cyber-attacks include negligent employees or contractors (48%) and third-party mistakes (41%). Almost one-third of respondents said they could not determine what caused the incident.

5 - Biggest ConcernsBiggest Concerns

66% of respondents said customer records are their biggest concern, followed by worries about intellectual property protection (49%).

6 - Cost of BreachesCost of Breaches

Companies spent an average of $879,582 due to the damage or theft of IT assets. Disruption to normal operations cost an average of $955,429.

7 - Low ConfidenceLow Confidence

Only 14% of companies rate their ability to mitigate cyber-risks, vulnerabilities and attacks highly effective, and 33% said the technologies currently used can detect and block most cyber-attacks.

8 - Security DefenseSecurity Defense

60% of respondents rely on strong passwords and/or biometrics to reduce the risks of attack. However, 59% do not have visibility into employees’ password practices and 65% said that if they have a password policy, they don’t strictly enforce it.

9 - Security TechSecurity Tech

Anti-malware (90%) and client firewalls (86%) are considered the most important security technologies, followed by password protection and management (71%), and VPN and other secure Web gateways (61%).

10 - Security BarriersSecurity Barriers

The biggest roadblocks to a stronger cyber-security posture include a lack of personnel to mitigate cyber-risks (67%), insufficient budget (54%) and insufficient security technologies (44%).

11 - MSSP PartnersMSSP Partners

As a result of the roadblocks, some companies engage managed security service providers to support an average of 34% of their IT security operations.

12 - Top MSSP ServicesTop MSSP Services

Top services MSSPs provide include monitoring or managing firewalls or intrusion prevention systems (74%), managing or monitoring security gateways for messaging or Web traffic (50%), and monitoring or managing intrusion detection systems (47%).

13 - Bigger TargetsBigger Targets

52% of respondents believe cyber-attacks are becoming more targeted, and 51% said cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more severe in terms of negative consequences.


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