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Many company leaders know that they could become more competitive by moving ahead with digital technologies. However, they’re unsure how to go about it. They hear the “digital transformation” buzzword but don’t know how to apply it to their businesses. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of our top channel partner companies, has made helping clients navigate digital transformation one of its core missions.

TCS, part of India-based IT services and manufacturing giant Tata Group, is well-positioned to outline the available technological options and how a particular client might apply them to various lines of business. TCS also excels at emerging technologies that are not yet mainstream in corporations. For example, when TCS developed a blockchain-powered network solution, that product won the Best Blockchain Breakthrough of the year award at a 2019 technology awards event.

The TCS team’s positioning and success is reflected in its continued growth. The company indicates it will create 5,000 United States-based jobs this year, and add another 1,500 employees in the UK too.

TCS offers products, platforms and services addressing critical enterprise technologies like cloud computing, AI, analytics, IoT, enterprise apps, cybersecurity, engineering and more. TCS boasts more than 100 partnerships with some of the biggest names in IT, and with more than 500,000 employees operating in 46 countries, TCS is one of the world’s largest private employers. Among the top channel companies, only Accenture has more employees.

With more than $20 billion in annual revenue and a healthy growth rate, TCS is a formidable channel partner.

Using Tech for Good

As the world becomes more tech-dominated, people are increasingly conscious of the ability to use innovations to achieve both good and potentially harmful outcomes. Some of the positive possibilities have widespread benefits. For example, big data algorithms can pinpoint intimate partner homicide risk factors, meaning more domestic violence victims could get help before the worst happens.

The TCS team is also interested in using tech for good. More specifically, a pervasive hope held by the company’s employees is that data and artificial intelligence (AI) will transform societies for the better. The company also brings support directly to communities in need.

A 2018 report found that less than 50% of fifth graders living in India’s villages can read second-grade textbooks. Additionally, approximately one-third of adults in those areas are illiterate. TCS recognized that people on society’s fringes often don’t have the same opportunities as others. The company sought to change that with its BridgeIT program.

It teaches digital skills to young people in rural areas, then equips them with the necessary equipment to share that knowledge with others in their villages. Many companies try to spur positive change by donating money — and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, this program shows how TCS transfers its tech expertise to address issues that could improve current and future generations.

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TCS Case Studies

TCS has been instrumental in helping its clients open new possibilities for growing and strengthening their businesses. Here are just a couple of examples.

Keeping a Parcel Delivery Network Running Smoothly

Today’s industrial trucks are increasingly robust, with many featuring autonomous safety features and capabilities that make them perform better on long routes. Some even have remote diagnostics options that let technicians check vehicles and clear fault codes from a distance.

TCS is at the forefront of transportation tech advancements for water, air, and land-based vehicles. UPS partnered with the company to upgrade its planning system and implement a route and hub application suite. The UPS network deals with 60 million parcels per day, plus 230,000 vehicles. The solution gave UPS an all-encompassing view of all network activity, helping leaders make data-backed decisions that make packages reach their destinations on time.

Streamlining Eye Care

Visionworks of America offers comprehensive eye care services, whether a person needs a new pair of glasses, an exam, or both. People at the company realized it was time to upgrade the brand’s systems, which handle both medical records and retail data, depending on the extent of a person’s visit.

TCS enabled the company to develop its cloud infrastructure, which reduced its dependence on in-house resources. TCS’s work also improved current tech usage and defined a future roadmap. Since new tech is only useful if it continues functioning during challenging times, TCS also took the lead when executing the company’s annual disaster recovery exercise.

TCS Leads Transformation

Digital transformation means modernizing processes and applications to enable a more connected organization, in the process giving leaders the comprehensive data needed to compete in the global economy. TCS is as well positioned as anyone to help lead that transformation.