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1What’s a Voice of the Customer program?

Setting up a Voice of the Customer program means establishing plans and processes designed to systematically gather, manage and implement customer feedback across an organization, including products, service, and support. In addition Kyle LaMalfa, best practices director and loyalty expert for software firm Allegiance says. "…companies must ensure that they are putting the right people, processes and technology in place to support these programs."

2Open the floodgates

Open up the communication gates and strive to stay in touch with your customers. Make sure you are gathering the good, bad and the ugly, and that the information is useable and actionable, whether its concerns, complaints, questions, suggestions, or ideas.


Don’t just capture the information, be sure the organization is responding to customer feedback. Also, gather feedback continually and consistently as market and customer perceptions change quickly, and businesses need to keep their competitive edge.

4Complete analysis

Surveys alone are not useful – be sure that analysis and metrics are implemented to see the total picture. The report says it is crucial to go beyond the tactical data to understand the factors and trends and sources of customer opinions and criticisms.

5Real action

Customer-centric organizations need to implement organizational structures to ensure they act quickly to respond to customer feedback. In addition, ensuring that analysis occurs on actions that are taken is crucial to perpetually improve how a business meets the shifting demands of their customers.

6Close the feedback loop

Making sure the feedback loop is closed is crucial to ensure that every significant piece of customer feedback receives the level of attention and response that it deserves. Implement technology and programs to meet that goal.

7Measurement Essential

Be sure to know what ROI is anticipated and target optimal business outcomes. Then, use constant analysis and metrics to consistently revise and improve your customer program.