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AI-native data platform company WEKA and UK-based sustainable infrastructure-as-a-service provider NexGen Cloud are partnering to enhance the accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure.

The collaboration aims to provide a robust architecture for NexGen Cloud’s forthcoming AI Supercloud and its existing Hyperstack GPU cloud platforms purpose-built to offer low-latency, sustainable, on-demand solutions for AI model training and inference.

With one of the industry’s largest fleets of graphic processing units (GPUs) powered by sustainable energy sources, NexGen Cloud announced plans to launch its $1 billion AI Supercloud to meet the growing interest in generative AI.

The challenges of cost-effective AI infrastructure

The soaring growth of AI has led to an unprecedented demand for high-performance GPUs that developers need for AI modeling and training. Obtaining these GPUs for performance-heavy AI tasks has become difficult with growth in demand outstripping available supply.

At the same time, the demand for public cloud resources is surpassing available capacity and has left many businesses without a cost-effective solution for their AI ventures. Combined with the escalating cost of GPUs, these issues are driving organizations to adopt cloud infrastructure for their AI projects.

NexGen Cloud, powered by WEKA’s AI Supercloud, is poised to deliver a high-performance, low-latency infrastructure that maximizes GPU efficiency.

Commenting on the partnership, Chris Starkey, co-founder and CEO of NexGen Cloud, said, “The WEKA Data Platform immediately stood out for its exceptional performance and sustainability features. It enabled us to leverage existing hardware investments and power all of our cloud services as efficiently and sustainably as possible, which is core to our mission.”

Driving the future of AI innovation

The partnership aims to empower users to harness the power of AI through affordable, on-demand solutions. By democratizing access to highly powerful GPUs, the collaboration sets the stage to drive transformative AI advancements across a wide range of industries.

Jonathan Martin, president of WEKA, emphasized the pivotal role of GPU cloud providers like NexGen Cloud in accelerating AI innovation. “The WEKA Data Platform helps GPUs to run at peak performance and efficiency, reducing energy consumption and giving customers a much more sustainable way to run enterprise AI workloads — even at extreme scale.”

Enabling sustainable AI access 

As AI workloads continue to evolve, the partnership between the two companies promises to drive the accessibility and sustainability of AI infrastructure to benefit customers, resellers, and managed service providers (MSPs).

By taking advantage of GPU cloud platforms, organizations of all sizes across all industries can avoid rising infrastructure costs and adopt a more sustainable way to manage their AI workloads.

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