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Leading IT management and cybersecurity software provider Kaseya has introduced its new subscription service, Kaseya 365. Unveiled at Kaseya’s Connect Global conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, its latest offering aims to streamline MSPs’ operations by providing comprehensive management, security, backup, and automation solutions, making it easier to deliver these functions to their clients.

According to company officials, Kaseya 365 is poised to transform the economic landscape for MSPs, providing platform subscriptions at a fraction of their current cost. The reduced pricing is expected to yield a substantial increase in profitability for MSPs almost immediately. The pricing shift potentially enables MSPs to redirect investments toward fostering innovation and enhancing service quality across their account base.

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Kaseya 365: A game-changer for MSPs

Emphasizing the transformative impact of Kaseya 365 on the industry, Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, stated, “Kaseya 365 is a monumental game-changer — one that is going to flip the industry on its head and power its future. Everything we’ve done over the past decade has led us to this moment, and I cannot wait to see our MSPs experience these immense benefits.”

He also highlighted the financial and operational advantages of the platform, stating, “With Kaseya 365, MSPs powered by Kaseya have a tremendous financial and operational advantage over their peers. Not only are their profits 30–50% higher, but they no longer have to make hard decisions about what technology to include for their customers based on cost.”

All-in-one features plus workflow automation

The Kaseya 365 subscription encompasses features essential for IT management, including remote monitoring and management (RMM), antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed detection and response (MDR), patch management, ransomware rollback, and endpoint backup. It additionally offers 20 core automations designed to streamline workflow processes, enhance efficiency, and minimize errors.

“With Kaseya 365, I know I’ll be able to drastically increase my profits overnight — and give my customers more bang for their buck,” said Michael Goldstein, president and CEO of Lan Infotech. “It’s a total no-brainer. I’ll easily be the most competitive MSP in the area. There is no better solution for the price.”

Also commenting on the offering, Tim Conkle, CEO and founder of The 20 MSP, said, “Kaseya always provides more integrations, better features at a lower price, and amazing support and ideas to its customers. They are one of the most commercially friendly companies to do business with, and this announcement is another great example of what you can expect as a Kaseya partner.”

Empowering partners: Kaseya’s Partner First Pledge

In addition to just unveiling its new subscription service, the company also introduced its Partner First Pledge, which aims to prioritize partner profitability and performance. The pledge comprises five key initiatives:

  • One-year and three-year product agreements: Kaseya emphasizes the availability of its solutions through flexible contract terms, aligning one-year contracts with multi-year pricing for enhanced affordability and adaptability.
  • FLEXSpend: Originally launched for backup services, FLEXSpend extends to Kaseya’s entire portfolio, allowing partners to reallocate spending between products to meet evolving market demands.
  • Catastrophic client loss protection: Acknowledging the impact of losing a significant client, Kaseya enables customers to modify contracts in response to such events, providing support during challenging times.
  • Price lock guarantee: Kaseya commits to locking in pricing for its solutions, safeguarding customers from unpredictable price hikes with adjustments capped at 5% plus inflation.
  • Month-to-month contracts for Datto BCDR: Partners gain flexibility with month-to-month contracts for BCDR, enabling them to respond to client needs while ensuring profitability and adapting to changes in the BCDR landscape.

Value to MSPs

Kaseya 365 affords all-in-one solutions that help MSPs manage, secure, and automate customer environments while significantly boosting profitability. The company’s newly introduced Partner First Pledge additionally provides partners with enhanced support, flexibility, and shared accountability. The combination of its new low-cost subscription service and partner program represents a shift in the MSP landscape, which could establish a new benchmark for enabling MSPs to accelerate profitability.

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