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Data security provider Commvault has joined forces with Appranix, a provider of cloud resiliency solutions for Google, AWS, and Microsoft. The integration of the two companies’ resources aims to provide customers with a portfolio of cyber resiliency solutions that enable rapid recovery from outages and cyberattacks.

Commvault’s cybersecurity platform provides organizations with enterprise-scale data security across multiple workloads and locations at what the company states is the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) available today. Appranix’s approach to cyber recovery and business continuity allows businesses to protect, recover, and manage their cloud-native applications and data against evolving cyberthreats and downtime.

Acquisition to provide customers with cybersecurity resilience

Organizations need to minimize downtime to ensure continuity of operations, maintain productivity, and mitigate financial losses from interrupted business processes. According to Statista, the average downtime after a ransomware attack is a staggering 24 days. By leveraging automation and cloud-ready cleanroom recovery, Commvault’s solutions help customers facilitate their data recovery efforts and reduce the time it takes to rebuild from days or weeks to, in some cases, hours or minutes.

While fast data recovery is crucial, it is not the only significant issue for businesses. Equally critical is the urgency to rebuild the underlying infrastructure and various dependencies of cloud-native architecture, including the underlying networking architecture, DNS configuration, application load balancing, security group access, and other key elements.

A shared vision for comprehensive cyber resilience

Sanjay Mirchandani, president and CEO of Commvault, stresses the significance of the company’s approach to safeguarding cloud data and infrastructure, noting how the two organizations will work together to support cyber resiliency for businesses. “We are taking resilience to the next level by marrying Commvault’s extensive risk, readiness, and recovery capabilities with Appranix’s next-generation cloud-native rebuild capabilities.”

According to Govind Rangasamy, founder and CEO of Appranix, the acquisition also marks a pivotal point for Appranix. “Joining the Commvault family is a thrilling and natural next step for Appranix as we jointly change the market. We share a common vision to go beyond traditional backups and disaster recovery. Our combined technologies will offer comprehensive, unmatched resilience capabilities for businesses globally.”

A spokesperson from the International Data Corporation (IDC) also commented on the significance of this acquisition in advancing cyber resilience. “Complete cyber resilience is an aspirational goal for most enterprise customers,” notes Archana Venkatraman, research director at IDC. “This acquisition makes cyber resilience-at-speed a reality by extending automated rebuild capabilities to distributed and dynamic cloud applications.”

Impact on the channel

The integration of Appranix’s technology into Commvault’s solutions portfolio presents promising opportunities for resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) that can provide cyber resilience solutions powered by advanced cloud-native rebuild capabilities — capabilities that can empower organizations to minimize downtime and recover swiftly from disruptions.

By leveraging the combined power of Commvault’s and Appranix’s solutions via major cloud marketplaces such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, organizations can embark on their journey toward fortified cyber resilience to ensure resilience, agility, and continuity in an increasingly digital world.

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