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In a memo to their employees, the CEOs of two leading virtualization companies recently revealed that their companies have merged. Specifically, Serguei Beloussov, of SWsoft and Nick Dobrovolskiy of Parallels acknowledged that SWsoft now owns Parallels.

According to a source close to the companies, SWsoft bought Parallels “about a year ago—but kept them very separate and very quiet.”

Moving forward, the CEOs said that “Parallels and SWsoft have continued to grow and succeed independently in the marketplaces in which they participate.”

Sources claim that the SWsoft is finally acknowledging the partnership because news of the deal was begin to leak out.

Officially, the CEOs said they were announcing the arrangement, “Because of the growing synergies between the two companies, we have decided to publicly acknowledge that Parallels is controlled by SWsoft as a means of further advancing our business goals.”

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