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1Top Apple iPad 2 Rumor Roundup

Video chat is becoming an essential application to both business travelers looking to connect with both their offices and their kids back at home as well as retirees who want to talk to grandchildren.

2High resolution display — reports say 2048×1536

Such a high resolution is a huge improvement over the current generation device.

3SD card slot

Engadget reports that Apple is planning an SD card slot, something that will likely be used for data transfer.

4Dual core graphics processor

Speed up those YouTube videos, enjoy better video quality and better games.

5Dual core ARM Cortex A9 general processor

Dual core netbooks are coming on the market. Can Apple be far behind?

6More disk storage

Mock up at CES reportedly had 128G drives, double iPad’s current maximum. Lack of storage has caused some users to turn up their noses at Apple’s first generation tablet.

7The big dates

Most rumored announcement dates center on February 9, with shipping to start in April.

8Less likely rumors…
Some kind of USB port

Apple left this out of the first generation, but it’s a feature users need if they want to plug anything into their iPads

9Less likely rumors

Support for 4G

Considered the broadband of wireless, Verizon’s network is here and AT&T’s is coming soon.