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1Top 10 Tech Stocks Defying Recession Pressures

Losses continue to run wild on Wall Street, but tech stocks are one bright spot for those looking to invest. With last month’s earnings round up many companies indicated they have seen the bottom and expect to see modest gains in the second quarter. Following are ten stocks that continue to outperform the rest.

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Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)Even with today’s rumors of Google getting shut down on a chance to purchase Twitter they are the number one trading tech stock on our list.Last Price: $407.3352 week high: $599.4952 week low: $247.30

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Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)Everyone is tweeting that Apple will be the new ruler of Twitter, but stockholders are more interested in hardware innovation including the recently announced iPod shuffle that talks.Last Price: $129.9652 week high: $192.2452 week low: $78.20

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Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM)RIMM continues to offer products that drive hardware sales, but is taking a beating against the iPhone. All that matters to this list and stockholders is RIMM stock was upgraded today by JP Morgan.Last Price: $73.5852 week high: $148.1352 week low: $35.05

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IBM (NYSE: IBM)Announcing BladeCenter Express servers incorporating the latest IBM POWER6 microprocessors, the new IBM Comprehensive Data Protection Solution, and LotusLive Meetings for mid market businesses, and a new Smart Planet initiative, IBM remains a technology giant.Last Price: $102.7252 week high: $130.9352 week low: $69.50

6No Title (NYSE: CRM)Rated currently as a neutral by most analysts, continues to remain a standard in the industry for CRM products. The AppExchange offering from is one of the best customer portal offerings we have seen in some time. Last Price: $41.0452 week high: $75.2152 week low: $20.82

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McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE)Ranked by Consumer Reports as a “best buy” for security software and investors agree. With McAfee reporting cybercriminals have taken control of almost 12 million new IP addresses since January, a 50 percent increase since 2008, there is nothing but upside for McAfee.Last Price: $39.2852 week high: $40.9752 week low: $24.72

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SAP (NYSE:SAP) With the recent announcement of SAP®Business Suite 7, SAP continues to outperform its competitors. Business Suite 7 was launched after a six month trial with key customers, and when customers are involved the results can be financially rewarding for both manufacturer and solution providers.Last Price: $40.2652 week high: $59.4252 week low: $29.31

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Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ) Hewlett-Packard continues to print money for investors, gaining a good portion of their 52 low losses back. The company recently announced the world’s first high-speed, 30-Inch digital color press. According to HP this offering bolsters their efforts to target the $3 billion digital print market opportunity for publishing in 2010, as well as the $13 billion market opportunity for direct mail, transactional and transpromotional printing in 2010. Last Price: $34.9152 week high: $49.9752 week low: $25.39

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BMC Software Inc. (NYSE: BMC) While the BMC stock has been rated a relative risk by the Market Intelligence Center, investors are seeing steady gains from BMC. Nicky Doherty has recently been announced as the Vice President of Operations in EMEA and will drive the comanies direct and channel sales teams signaling BMC’s intention to grow enterprise accounts and aggressive sales overseas.Last Price: $33.9152 week high: $40.8752 week low: $20.58

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Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY) Sybase continues to impress long term investors with their steady performance. It was just announced that Sybase will be now working with Swisscontact, the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation, to provide sustainable development of Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) and Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) services in emerging markets.Last Price: $33.0252 week high: $36.9952 week low: $22.20