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1The iPhone 5 Is Launching This Fall

The latest rumors suggest the iPhone 5 could launch in September or October. Apple hasn’t said if it will, but based on the fact that we haven’t seen it yet, the timing seems perfect for a new smartphone in the fall.

2So Is the iPad 3

Other rumors hitting the Web suggest the iPad 3 will also launch this fall. They claim that Apple wants to deliver 4G connectivity and a better display to its device before next year. Whether it will launch the iPad 3 in the fall remains to be seen.

3The iPhone 5 Will Come With An Edge-to-Edge Display

One of the iPhone’s biggest problems its display is smaller than some competitors. The iPhone 4 has a 3.5-inch screen. The Samsung Galaxy S II ships with a 4.3-inch display. That’s not a good thing for Apple. Bigger displays appeal to consumers. By delivering an edge-to-edge display, Apple can match its competition and quiet its critics.

4The iPad 3 Will Feature 4G

Apple’s biggest problem in the tablet space is that its competition offers 4G connectivity in their devices. Apple’s iPad 2 comes with just 3G connectivity. The iPad 3 will likely offer 4G to match the competition.

5The iPhone 5 Will Be Running iOS 5

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will run iOS. Apple traditionally offers new software with its latest smartphones and there’s no reason to suggest it won’t do the same this time around. But will iOS 5 come out at the same time as Apple’s next iPhone or before it?

6No Title

So Will the iPad 3If the iPhone 5 ships with iOS 5, there should be no reason to suggest the iPad 3 won’t do the same. At the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year, Apple made it clear that iOS 5 will offer a host of major improvements that its customers will like. Realizing that, the company won’t want to offer iOS 4 in the iPad 3.

7The iPhone 5 Will Come With NFC

Near-field communication is all the rage in the mobile space. Earlier this year, Google unveiled a Wallet service that will allow NFC-compatible Android-based smartphones integrate credit card information and offer users the ability to make payments from their handsets. However, the NFC market is still in its infancy, and it’s likely that it won’t grow until Apple enters the space. Will the tech giant do that with the iPhone 5? Time will tell.

8The iPad 3 Will Have Multiple Models

Elsewhere in the tablet space, many companies offer devices with varying screen sizes. Companies like Samsung, for example, offer tablets with 10.1- and 7.7-inch displays. Dell offered its first Streak tablet with a 5-inch display, and then upped that to 7 inches. Rumors suggest Apple might try selling a smaller, 7-inch version of the iPad alongside the current 9.7-inch model. It seems unlikely, but you never know.

9The iPhone 5 Will Come to More Carriers

The iPhone 4 is available on Verizon’s and AT&T’s networks, but recent rumors suggest Apple might also offer its smartphone on Sprint’s network. And now that the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA may be kaput, it could come to T-Mobile’s network, as well. Offering the iPhone 5 on more carriers couldn’t be a bad thing.

10The iPad 3 Will Come With the Retina Display

One of the nice things about the iPhone 4 is that it comes with the Retina Display — a high-resolution screen that offers the best fidelity on the market. However, the iPad 2 doesn’t have one. Rumors suggest that it could happen in the iPad 3, though. If it does, that would be a good thing. The iPad 3 could use a better display, and luckily for customers who want that, Apple has just the thing to get it done.