Tech Companies’ Appetite for Acquisition Increases

Tech acquisitions

1 - Busy Tech BuyersBusy Tech Buyers

75% of tech companies completed at least one M&A deal in 2014, and 81% are expected to initiate at least one M&A in 2015 while 11% anticipate pursuing 11 or more.

2 - Big MoneyBig Money

One-half of survey respondents say the average enterprise value per acquisition will be $250 million or less, and 46% indicate that it will be between $250 million and $999 million. Another 4% predict it will be at least $1 billion.

3 - Winning WaysWinning Ways

54% said a top factor for a successful M&A is a well-executed integration plan, while 21% cited the correct valuation of a deal.

4 - Enhancement EffortEnhancement Effort

Beyond increasing revenue or cutting costs, 50% said access to intellectual property and/or talent is a primary reason for future tech acquisitions. 42% said they’re seeking to “bolt on” or “tuck in” acquisitions to enhance new products.

5 - Trendy TrioTrendy Trio

54% said that mobile will be a key tech trend that drives M&A activity in 2015, while 48% cited the cloud and 47% data/analytics as key trends.

6 - Deep PocketsDeep Pockets

39% said an abundance of cash reserves will fuel deal activity this year.

7 - Assessment GapAssessment Gap

67% said the valuation disparity between buyers and sellers will present major challenges in deal making this year, while 39% say the identification of suitable targets will.

8 - Due DiligenceDue Diligence

32% said their tech companies review their portfolios of business units, products and/or assets for potential acquisition targets on a monthly basis, and 27% do so quarterly.

9 - Growth StrategiesGrowth Strategies

Outside of M&A, 44% said their tech companies will focus on new product development to increase revenues and 22% will consider expanding geographically to do so.

10 - Parting SentimentsParting Sentiments

66% said the most preferred exit strategy for companies will be a sale to a strategic buyer and 11% said a preferred exit will be a sale to a financial buyer.


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