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1 - Tech CEOs See Disruption as Route to TransformationTech CEOs See Disruption as Route to Transformation

The digitization of business is a high priority for CEOs. Tools that analyze customer experience and offer cognitive computing/AI solutions are attractive to them.

2 - Top Tech CEO PrioritiesTop Tech CEO Priorities

21% of U.S. tech company CEOs cite the digitization of their business as a top strategic priority while 20% cite the need to develop a stronger client focus. One-fifth listed the implementation of disruptive tech as a top priority.

3 - Staff SurgeStaff Surge

95% expect an increase in head count over the next three years, compared to only 2% who expect a decrease within this period.

4 - Man to MachineMan to Machine

78% expect that automation/machine learning will replace at least 5% of their workforce over the next three years within sales, and 74% expect the same impact in marketing.

5 - Spending on Regulatory Advisory, Cyber-security SolutionsSpending on Regulatory Advisory, Cyber-security Solutions

28% consider regulatory advisory solutions as a top tech investment focus for the next three years while 25% cite cyber-security solutions.

6 - Spending on Tools for Customer Experience, Cognitive Computing and AISpending on Tools for Customer Experience, Cognitive Computing and AI

22% said they will be highly focused on investing in tech tools that measure and analyze the customer experience/customer needs over the next three years while 21% are very interested in acquiring cognitive computer/artificial intelligence solutions.

7 - Geographic ExpansionGeographic Expansion

21% said their company is looking to invest in a geographic expansion outside of their home country over the next three years and 20% said they will be expanding their facilities during this time.

8 - Innovative CompaniesInnovative Companies

48% work at companies considered to be accelerated in approaching innovation, which means innovation is regularly occurring within their organization with a defined approach, available tools, processes and resources—along with at least some leadership direction.

9 - Sudden Shift: Market ReportSudden Shift: Market Report

80% said their organization is taking advantage of disruptive tech to improve product/services offerings, and 73% said disruptive tech enables them to improve interactions with customers.

10 - Sudden Shift: Peak EfficiencySudden Shift: Peak Efficiency

72% said their company’s productivity is increasing due to disruptive tech, and 70% said these changes are boosting sales.

11 - Sudden Shift: Relational ValueSudden Shift: Relational Value

70% said disruptive tech is helping their companies better interact with partners/vendors, and 65% said it has resulted in improved employee satisfaction.

12 - Cyber-security, Regulatory ConcernsCyber-security, Regulatory Concerns

38% are concerned about cyber-security risk, and 29% are concerned about regulatory risk as well as reputational/brand risk.