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Nearly 60 percent of tech workers are looking for new jobs, according a survey released by the Computing Technology Industry Association on Aug. 30.

In surveying more than 1,000 IT workers, CompTIA found that they are restless and looking for new challenges. Of the 58 percent looking for new jobs, four out of five considered their search somewhat or very active.

Dissatisfaction with wages was noted as the primary reason for job hunting, with 73 percent looking for higher pay. Yet, beyond fiscal gains, nearly two-thirds expressed that there was little opportunity for advancement in their current jobs, and 58 percent said they were looking for a new challenge. They’re not job-hoppers, however; nearly 60 percent had been with their current employers for more than three years and 52 percent had been in their current job role for at least three years.

“Tech workers who stayed put in their jobs over several years of uncertainty in our industry are clearly looking to move on now that we’re in a period of growth,” said Neill Hopkins, vice president of skills development for Oak Brook Terrace, Ill.-based CompTIA, in a statement.

The study found a mixed blend of IT professionals; while one-quarter worked in primarily IT companies, 16 percent worked in education, 15 percent in government, 8 percent in health care and 7 percent in manufacturing.

“The survey findings are a mixed blessing for employers,” Hopkins said. “Some organizations will lose the IT workers who’ve been responsible for building and maintaining their technology infrastructure. But employers looking to build internal IT expertise should be able to draw from a large pool of technology professionals eager for new challenges.”

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