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1Rethinking Sales and Marketing to Buoy Business

Sales and Marketing Budgets Surpass IT SpendIT spending is expected to grow slowly but surely in 2010 at a rate of 3.5%, according to IDC. But sales and marketing spend will outpace IT budgets and grow by almost 5% through 2010. That means resellers focused on the high-tech sector can position their CRM solutions as boosters of efficiency and productivity and reap the benefits of the projected market growth.

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Cost of Sales IncreasingTech execs need to improve processes by focusing on sales enablement, customer intelligence, account planning and pipeline health. "With sales costs increasing, the number of leads necessary to close a deal increasing, and the length of sales cycles increasing, sales organizations will have no choice but to ramp up their productivity to ensure survival," said IDC VP Michael Gerard.

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Reorgs on the HorizonTech executives are taking a close look at how to better align their sales and marketing organizations to meet their goals. Unfortunately, tech companies have suffered losses because of misalignment. Many plan dramatic reorganization and reporting changes to fix the issue.

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Organizational ChangeIt’s no shocking revelation that organizations have shifted resources to stem the shrinking tide of revenue. IDC says 20% of tech organizations with revenues of more than $1 billion have witnessed "significant" organizational change during the past twelve months. Expect this trend to continue throughout 2010.

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Rethink Your Own StrategyMost resellers don’t focus on marketing to grow their business, instead relying heavily on vendors to shoot them leads and attempting to mine their existing customer bases. Take a cue from customers and rethink your own marketing strategy for this year. You can serve as your own case study to capture new customers.