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Red Hat recently announced that the city of Vienna, Austria, has selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its server platform of choice. Despite challenges from Oracle, which is copycatting its Linux OS, and Novell, which has partnered with Microsoft, Red Hat is continuing to land large accounts.

The Raleigh, N.C., business also has no qualms about facing its rivals. Marc Fleury, senior vice president and general manager of the JBoss division of Red Hat, told that Microsoft’s move is “a lot more clever than the one from Oracle, which was a for-show move.” But, as for Novell, “I think the boys over in Redmond are laughing their butts off” about their Novell interoperability pact.

Austria’s capital is using the operating system for both mission-critical applications such as database servers and other systems including file servers.

The decision to go with Red Hat as the platform of choice was made on the basis of extensive positive experiences in the past and a fundamental decision to deploy the most reliable and efficient technologies.

From the early 1990s, the city of Vienna has been running open-source operating system-powered servers. At the start, these were mainly systems running FreeBSD. However, as Vienna looked to the future and the migration of mission-critical systems, it decided to adopt a professional Linux platform.

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