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1Ouch Developers Disappointed with Android

Android buzz may be fueling fervor, but a recent report shows that Android developers are growing frustrated with Google and are putting the brakes on further development efforts. A recent report by Skyhook Wireless shows Android developers are struggling to monetize their apps and are dissatisfied with Android Marketplace’s billing and navigation. Channel Insider takes a deeper look at the report how Google can spur additional development and adoption of Android applications.

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Developers Suffer Low Profits57% of surveyed developers are not satisfied with their Android profits and only 4% are very satisfied. Among the top reasons cited for dissatisfaction include low download volumes and poor design, discovery and search options on Android Marketplace. Today, only 10% of developers are serving ads in their apps.

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Lack of downloadsAndroid downloads are extremely low on average – 90% of survey respondents’ apps had been downloaded fewer than 10,000 times. 53% said downloads were under 5,000. Fewer than 10% of respondents have seen over 10,000 downloads on an individual application.

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Android Market Hard to Navigate82% think the Android Marketplace design makes it difficult for apps to be noticed. Respondents say Android Market’s poor discovery options are the main contributor to low download numbers. Apps are buried in the market after their release and rarely seen by consumers – 97% of developers reported their highest download volumes occurred in the first six months of release.

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Checked out on Google CheckoutDevelopers are concerned that Google Checkout contributes to their low download volumes – 43% feel they would sell more apps if Android used a carrier billing system or another simpler billing system.

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Too Many Devices46% of developers were certain different Android versions would make development difficult. Multiple Android devices from multiple carriers have developers concerned that their apps will not perform consistently.

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Leery and Frustrated DevelopersLow profits and uncertainty about Android’s future has developers hesitant to invest more time and effort into their apps. 68% of those surveyed are somewhat or not likely to put further work into their apps, compared with when they first developed.

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Android’s FutureSurvey results show that Android faces serious challenges, but developers are still jazzed about Android’s potential. To retain initial developer excitement and enthusiasm, Android must develop effective methods for app monetization. Otherwise, developers will lose interest in the platform and focus their resources where they can best monetize their apps.