Optimism Runs High in Channel and IT Camp Overall


1 - Optimism Runs High in Channel and IT Camp OverallOptimism Runs High in Channel and IT Camp Overall

CompTIA’s IT Industry Business Confidence Index rose noticeably this quarter. Study respondents expect revenues to meet or exceed goals.

2 - Positive MomentumPositive Momentum

The overall CompTIA IT Industry Business Confidence Index—which is based on IT executives’ opinions of the U.S. economy, the IT industry and their own companies—currently stands at 62.8, up from 60.6 in the last quarter.

3 - Sales GoalsSales Goals

65% of IT industry execs said it is likely that their companies will meet sales goals for the year, but that’s down from 71% in third quarter.

4 - Revenue GoalsRevenue Goals

67% of execs at large tech firms said they are on-target to meet revenue goals for this year, and 11% said they’re tracking ahead of pace for these goals.

5 - Small and Midsize FirmsSmall and Midsize Firms

58% of execs at midsize IT firms said they are on-target to meet 2015 revenue goals, and 15% said they are tracking ahead of pace for these goals. Just under one-half of execs at small tech firms said they are on target to meet this year’s revenue goals, and 16% said they are pacing ahead of this year’s revenue goals.

6 - Market PlanMarket Plan

23% said their organizations’ ability to reach new customer segments will result in the meeting or exceeding of sales goals, while 17% cited an uptick in business from existing customers.

7 - Lean MachineLean Machine

21% said they expect that improvements in internal operations will enable their company to perform more efficiently and profitably.

8 - Losing Sleep, Part ILosing Sleep, Part I

61% said customers postponing purchases “keeps them awake at night.”

9 - Losing Sleep, Part IILosing Sleep, Part II

32% said customers opting out of major IT purchases for less expensive or smaller ones keeps them awake at night.

10 - Solution Summary: Integration ServicesSolution Summary: Integration Services

69% said their integration services are performing as expected, and 10% said these services are over-performing expectations.

11 - Solution Summary: Mobile DevicesSolution Summary: Mobile Devices

68% said the performance of their mobile devices is matching expectations, while 14% said these devices are surpassing expectations.

12 - Cloud Infrastructure/IaaSCloud Infrastructure/IaaS

64% said their cloud infrastructure/infrastructure-as-a-service products are meeting expectations, and 12% said they’re exceeding them.

13 - Cloud Apps/SaaSCloud Apps/SaaS

61% said their cloud apps/software-as-a-service solutions are performing as expected, while 15% said they’re exceeding expectations.


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