New Technologies Will Fuel Channel Opportunities

New Technologies Will Fuel Channel Opportunities

New Technologies Will Fuel Channel OpportunitiesNew Technologies Will Fuel Channel Opportunities

The channel’s role is to support their customers with new tech to help them improve productivity, provide fresh insights and create new revenue opportunities.

More SpendingMore Spending

76% of the tech companies that achieved strong EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) over the past 12 months said they plan to devote significant capital to developing new products and IP to drive future growth.

Building CommunitiesBuilding Communities

85% of respondents with over 20% EBITDA growth over the past 12 months agree that successful companies of the future will be those that build and control communities and platforms.

Managing RiskManaging Risk

64% of respondents said increasing regulatory scrutiny and complexity is a likely risk or disruption over the next three years. 65% of tech companies said their risk-management functions are largely compliance-focused.

Regulatory ComplexityRegulatory Complexity

49% of tech companies with EBITDA growth of at least 20% over the past 12 months strongly agreed that regulatory complexity around data privacy is a significant risk, compared with only 18% of companies with no EBITDA growth.

Smart MattersSmart Matters

76% of tech companies agreed that the shift to intelligent devices will mean they will increasingly compete against players from other industries.

Security RisksSecurity Risks

73% of respondents believe they will face a cyber- threat in the future, and 52% of software companies said it is a very likely risk.

Critical Defenses NeededCritical Defenses Needed

62% of respondents said that an information or cyber exposure would have a severe impact on their organization.

Likely DisruptersLikely Disrupters

75% of respondents said competition from tech market giants is likely over the next three years, while 74% are preparing for competition from non-U.S. tech companies, and 71% are gearing up to battle digital startups.


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