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Advanced Micro Devices has released a pair of new Phenom processors, along
with two more Athlon chips, that will round out the
chip maker’s offerings for its recently released corporate desktop platform.

The new AMD processors, which the company
announced Aug. 14, include a high-end, quad-core Phenom X4 9750B (2.4GHz)
processor and a triple-core Phenom X3 8750B (2.4GHz) chip. AMD
also released a pair of dual-core core Athlon processors: the Athlon X2 5600B
(2.9GHz) and the Athlon X2 4850B (2.5GHz). The two Phenom processors work
within a 95-watt thermal envelope, while the Athlon X2 5600B has a thermal
envelop of 65 watts and the Athlon X2 4850B works at 45 watts.

AMD has been emphasizing its notebook platform for months,
the company also
sees an opportunity for expanding into the corporate client space, where Intel
has dominated the market for years. A recent IDC report found that Intel
controls 73 percent of the overall desktop market, while AMD holds a 26 percent
market share.

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