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1Must Have Products 10 That Every Company Needs At Least One Of

1. Apple iPadWhether or not the iPad is ready for the enterprise is something that several companies are debating each and every day. But as the tablet’s recent corporate adoption has shown, most firms believe it’s ready. Chances are, they’ve made the right move. The iPad offers mobility, productivity, and the ability to access Apple’s App Store. It’s a winner for most companies.

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2. Apple iPhoneApple’s iPhone is another device that most companies should have at least one of in their operation. The device might not provide the productivity that the BlackBerry does, but it makes up for that with over 300,000 applications, its administrative controls, and the “cool” factor that more companies are warming to.

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3. A BlackBerryChoosing a BlackBerry is quite simple. A company needs only to determine which carrier it wants to work with, and it can choose its device. Realizing that, it’s probably best not to pick a particular BlackBerry that every company should have. But as long as they choose anything relatively recent, including the BlackBerry Torch or the BlackBerry Tour, they will do just fine.

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4. A Sound DesktopAlthough desktops are starting to lose their place in the enterprise as more companies opt for mobile alternatives, every company should have at least one desktop running in their operation. Desktops might be big and bulky, but they provide the kind of power that few laptops can match. Plus, with declining sales, they can be purchased for relatively low prices nowadays.

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5. The Laptop WorkhorseSince desktops are losing ground in the enterprise, more and more companies are moving to notebooks to make employees productive. Realizing that, it’s probably best for most companies to have a slew of laptops running in their operations. In most cases, that means products from Dell, HP, or Lenovo. But Apple’s MacBook line is also worth considering if Windows isn’t required.

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6. The Mobile NetbookApple’s iPad is a fine mobile product, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only device companies should be offering to employees on the go. Netbooks arguably deliver even more functionality, since they run Windows in most cases, and they offer the same notebook-like design that employees are comfortable with, plus a physical keyboard. They might not be as flashy as tablets, but netbooks still serve an important purpose in today’s marketplace.

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7. A Copy of Windows 7Companies have been loath to dump Windows XP in favor of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7. That’s understandable. Windows Vista failed to deliver on any of Microsoft’s promises. And most companies realized that staying away from the OS was the best move. But Windows 7 is different. It’s the operating system that Windows Vista should have been. And it’s time that companies start bringing the operating system to their operations sooner rather than later.

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8. A Copy of OfficeOffice is a must-have in the enterprise. The productivity suite has proven to be one of the most trusted companions of employees around the world. And that is not going to change anytime soon. Realizing that, every company should have at least one copy of Office in their operations. If they don’t, they’re putting themselves at risk.

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9. A Google Apps AccountAs important as it is to have Office in the enterprise, Google Apps is also a must-have. That service, which is available in the cloud, allows users to access a Google-hosted e-mail account, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and several other products that might easily satisfy companies looking for basic (and cheap) solutions for their operations.

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10. A Facebook AccountAlthough there is some debate over the impact Facebook can really have on a company’s operation, it seems abundantly clear that with the social network capturing over 500 million users around the globe, every company should have a presence on Facebook. Exactly what kind of presence a company should have is up to its individual needs, but lacking a Facebook page seems like a major mistake nowadays.