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1Kill Chrome OS

The first thing Steve Jobs would do as head of Google would be to kill off Chrome OS, the cloud-based operating system coming to Chromebooks next month. Chrome OS isn’t as powerful as desktop operating systems, making it only useful for netbooks. And even then, the functionality won’t match Windows. Steve Jobs is not a software-focused person. And that’s precisely why he would ditch Chrome OS.

2Bring Android to PCs, Netbooks, Laptops

Google’s mobile platform, Android, has proven wildly successful. But if Steve Jobs had his way, he would bring the mobile operating system to all computers, starting with netbooks and eventually moving up to full-sized laptops. Most importantly, the devices would be made by Google, not competing companies. Speculation abounds that iOS could eventually become the only operating system running on Apple’s line of products. If that’s the case, it would only make sense for Steve Jobs to prepare Android for other form factors, as well.

3Vastly Improve Google’s Cloud Solutions

Though Steve Jobs is focused on hardware before all else, he also sees the value of competing against Microsoft in software. Realizing that, he would likely work hard to improve Google’s cloud offerings, like Google Docs. If a cloud-based productivity suite could match Microsoft Office, Jobs could finally reach his goal of taking down a key Microsoft platform.

4Develop Smartphones

Google has so far decided to work with vendor partners to get Android into the wild. However, Steve Jobs wouldn’t follow suit. If he were running Google, he would undoubtedly develop smartphones that would compete with devices like the iPhone. It’s the Steve Jobs’ way.

5Develop Tablets

Aside from smartphones, Google’s investors could also expect their new leader, Steve Jobs, to develop tablets. Currently, Motorola, Samsung, and others are offering Android on tablets. But with Steve Jobs leading the way, he would stop all that and bring Google tablets to the marketplace. Look for the iPad&#151Google-style.

6Make Android Closed

Currently, Google’s Android platform is open and offered to development partners. With Steve Jobs at the helm, all that would change. Android would be locked down and Google would control every aspect of the operating system. It’s the Steve Jobs’ way. And it wouldn’t change if he were running Google.

7Bring Secrecy Back

Google has had some trouble in the past stopping important product launches and details from leaking out. Apple hasn’t experienced such trouble because of Jobs’ desire to maintain secrecy at all cost. If he were running Google, Steve Jobs would bring secrecy to Google.

8Develop Google Music

One of the key factors in Steve Jobs’ success over the years has been iTunes. He realized that there was a market for digital music, and he capitalized on it. Now, Google is offering a cloud-based music service, called Google Music. As the head of the search giant, Jobs would make Google Music extremely important to Google’s plans.

9Improve Google TV

As the head of Apple, Steve Jobs has ensured that his company stands at the forefront of entertainment. That’s why he developed the iPod, doubled down on iTunes, and offered up a set-top box, called Apple TV. With Google, he would also double down on entertainment with the help of Google TV, a platform the search giant currently offers for the living room. With Steve Jobs in charge, Google TV would be a far better service.

10Ignore the Enterprise

Google has been panned by critics who say that the search giant hasn’t done enough to appeal to enterprise customers. With Steve Jobs in charge, those critics shouldn’t expect anything different. Steve Jobs has always been somewhat apathetic to the enterprise’s needs, and that won’t change with Google.