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Have you heard the one about the college student who couldn’t understand why her PC’s warranty was voided because it didn’t cover accidental or intentional emersions in swimming pools?

How about the one about the executive who berated her service provider because they couldn’t provision her email to automatically deliver messages without her having to enter a username and password?

These are true stories and they’re part of our “Stupid User Tricks, Vol. 1” compilation of the humorous and horrific mistakes, misuses and mishaps of average computer and technology users. We pulled these stories together with help from our friends at Spiceworks as an end of summer distraction. After all, who doesn’t like a good, laugh out loud story.

The response from Stupid User Tricks has been overwhelming. We’re getting a lot of fresh funny stories from the front lines, and we’re looking forward to getting more. We will continue to publish these funnies as we receive them.

If you have a funny story, send it to us at