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1It’s Apple

One of the biggest issues Google fans have with the iPhone is that it’s made by Apple. For years now, Google fans have made Apple their top enemy, and they’ll do nothing that will make anyone even think they have allegiance to the iPhone maker.It’s too bad.

2They Never Thought Steve Jobs Was A Genius

Steve Jobs has long been called a genius by both industry observers and those that only casually follow the tech space.But Google fans don’t necessarily see him in that way. Although they acknowledged his ability to offer fine products over the years, they never quite put him in the “genius” category. And they’ve balked at buying the iPhone because of that.

3It’s Not Open Source

Google’s mobile customers love that the company offers an open-source operating system. Apple, on the other hand, has its iOS closed down, and doesn’t allow anyone to tinker with it. Apple and Google simply have a difference of opinion when it comes to their operating systems, but Google fans don’t accept the value of that

4There Aren’t More Options

One of the nice things about the Android ecosystem is that there are several different handsets to choose from. In the iOS ecosystem, however, consumers must choose between three different iPhone flavors. Android fans can’t stand that. They view the freedom to choose products as a virtue, and they take issue with Apple because of that.

5Carrier Availability

Over the years, Apple’s decision to only offer the iPhone on AT&T’s network has been cited by Google fans as one of the top reasons they don’t like the Cupertino, Calif.-based company. But now that the iPhone is available on other carrier networks, one would think that Google fans would be satisfied, right? Think again: they’re still not happy that the iPhone isn’t available to T-Mobile customers.

6Apple Pricing

One of the biggest complaints Google customers have had over the years is the iPhone maker’s pricing. They view Apple as a company that likes to charge too much for products that don’t justify the price. Of course, that’s debatable, but no matter what Apple fans might say, Google fans won’t change their minds.

7Apple’s Penchant for Control through Services

Apple’s love of control has historically been a major issue for Google fans. As noted, they don’t like being locked into services or solutions and Apple’s iPhone carries the banner for locking folks in. Apple says it does so to make the experience more uniform and secure. But Google fans view it as a way to maintain control.

8Apple Can’t Stand Google

If nothing else, the hatred Google fans have for Apple might have to do with the hatred Apple has for Google. For years now, the companies have been waging a war of words, and seem to be hurtling towards a full-blown legal battle over mobile patents. The lines have been drawn, and Google fans have picked their side.

9Microsoft Isn’t A Threat Yet

If there is any other company that Google fans really don’t like, it’s Microsoft. The only issue is Microsoft has yet to make a mark in the mobile space with Windows Phone 7, so they don’t really view the company as a threat. If that changes, they might take issue with Microsoft. But if not, it’ll likely stay off the radar — and Apple will stay on it.

10Apple Fans Gloat About Sales

Part of Google fans’ trouble with Apple is the iPhone maker’s fans. For years now, Apple fans have been gloating about iPhone sales, saying that their company reigns supreme, and Google fans have had enough.