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1It’s All About Apple

If the iPhone was from any other company, it simply wouldn’t be the iPhone. Apple is the top company in the industry, and it has used that to its advantage. Its successful and trusted brand has helped propel its devices to the top of their respective markets, and the iPhone is no different.

2First to the Party

Although there were a few devices with touchscreens before the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple was really the first company to popularize the touch-screen-equipped handset. Now, it’s a huge business that Apple happens to be leading. Simply put, the iPhone is getting so much attention because it was the first to popularize a new direction for the smartphone business. And critics must understand that.

3The iPad Helps

When Apple released the iPad last year, some wondered if the device would cannibalize iPhone sales. Now, it’s clear that Apple didn’t have anything to fear. Quite the contrary, the iPad has helped the company sell even more iPhones. It seems that the iPhone and iPad are a fine 1-2 punch that consumers and even enterprise users are excited about.

4So Do Macs

Although Macs are often relegated to the increasingly large shadows of the iPhone and iPad, they have helped Apple’s iPhone get even more attention. Macs are arguably Apple’s best-looking products. And those who have been attracted to their beauty are turning to the iPhone to get something similar. Simply put, the iPhone enjoys a halo effect, and Apple has Macs to thank for that.

5Blame It On Steve Jobs

Let’s face it: if Steve Jobs wasn’t running Apple all these years, the iPhone wouldn’t have received the kind of attention it’s getting now. Jobs has been a lightning rod of controversy and adulation, and his contribution to the iPhone’s “wow” factor has been huge. Now, he’s no longer Apple CEO. But his impact on the iPhone will be felt for years.

6The Competition Falls Flat

Looking around the mobile market, it’s hard to find another device that can compete on the same level as the iPhone. Windows Phone 7-based devices are especially sub-par, offering boring product designs and an operating system that few people even like. Until the competition can step up its game, why wouldn’t the iPhone get all the attention?

7Sales Matter

If the iPhone wasn’t performing well on store shelves, the attention paid to it would be substantially less. However, Apple sold more than 20 million iPhones during the last quarter alone, and some speculate it could continue that in the forthcoming quarters. That is unprecedented sales performance, and it simply cannot be ignored.

8Competitors Aren’t Changing It

Aside from the fact that competitors don’t have the products to gain some more attention in the marketplace, it’s currently unknown if any of them even want it. As nice as the attention is for Apple’s bottom line, it can also be a curse. It means expectations are higher and consumers are more easily disappointed if they don’t get what they were hoping for. Some competitors simply don’t want that pressure.

9Apple Transcends the Industry

Depending on the company, many of the firms competing in the mobile space right are really only known in tech circles. Sure, they appeal to consumers who aren’t tech fans, but for the most part, they receive attention and support from those in the industry. Apple, however, is different. The company has been able to transcend its own industry. And in the process, it has brought many more people into the world of tech.

10Anticipation Reigns Supreme

Apple’s penchant for secrecy has not only raised awareness for its products, but also increased the amount of attention paid to its released. With the iPhone 5 looming, anticipation for the device is at a tipping point. Because of that, the device is getting an inordinate amount of attention. And all the while, Apple is waiting for the right moment to spring the iPhone 5 on the world.