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1IT Confession Doom Gloom and More Cost Reductions

This week, IT Service Management provider Axios Systems released survey results that spell doom, gloom and dissatisfaction for IT organizations moving into 2010. Channel Insider takes a closer look at the results and enterprise IT’s ongoing angst.

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IT organizations may need some collective Prozac. According to the Axios survey of IT professionals, 57% of IT respondents do not believe their IT systems, processes and services deliver the value expected by the line of business.

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It seems the real-time ROI revolution never materialized. 64% of respondents say quantifiable real-time metrics for IT services and assets still elude them.

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IT thinks the folks upstairs don’t get it. 39% say the decision makers in the line of business do not understand IT’s value.

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Analysts say recovery is underway, but 63% of those surveyed say cost reduction is still the principal driver of IT projects over the next year. After cost reduction, Change Management and compliance are at the top of the list of planned IT projects.

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At the top of 2010’s list of desired enterprise IT Management technologies is Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Change Management, Service Catalog deployments, and Service Desk upgrades or replacements.

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These results may indicate that today’s IT organizations struggle to deliver and demonstrate value. “It’s [The results] not a surprise,” says Barclay Rae, Head of Global Services for Axios Systems. “The more senior you go, the more they are exercised by this. “Most internal IT organizations do not have a business focus,” Rae continued. “They need to start differentiating the services they provide.”

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If a shift in IT management is needed for measured business success, a move to wider adoption of ITIL standards and more complete IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions could help. Companies like Numara, HP, and Axios Systems provide IT Asset and Service Management software and services that aim to help companies improve the way IT is managed and maintained within the enterprise.