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Two companies known for providing different aspects of secure remote access are teaming up to provide secure access solutions for mobile users.

iPass Inc., which is headquartered in Redwood Shores, Calif., will use Sygate Inc.’s policy enforcement and personal firewall technology to outfit its Policy Orchestration security platform, which the company announced in July.

Policy Orchestration enables IT managers to ensure a connection that complies with corporate security policies from the moment remote users log on to establish a connection with their corporate LANs. The technologies eliminate security lapses, including the short time that elapses at wireless hot spots before a remote user establishes a connection through the company VPN.

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“We’re using Sygate’s Secure Enterprise Agent,” explained iPass Product Marketing Manager Piero DePaoli. He said that the new version of iPass’ remote access software would also keep most services on the remote machine locked down until the establishment of a VPN. Once a secure connection is created, it would open up the machine. “We call it the self-quarantine service,” DePaoli said.

Jon Brody, vice president of marketing for Sygate, says that the agreement will benefit both companies. “It’s great because it strengthens our products and increases the value of both solutions,” he said.

Sygate is headquartered in Fremont, Calif.

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Policy Orchestration will also use Sygate’s technology to enforce security policies prior to allowing the establishment of a secure connection. This ensures, for instance, that the remote computer has up-to-date virus protection and a properly configured, up-to-date personal firewall. Security policies set by the IT manager are then enforced by Policy Orchestration.

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