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Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for anything. That’s probably why so many IT budgets got dialed back earlier this year as businesses scrutinized every item, looking for waste and looking for things that could be cut without causing too much pain. Maybe that’s why this recent survey from Forrester Research found that small and midmarket businesses are looking to cut their energy costs more than they had in the past. The survey revealed that more SMBs have made energy a line item in the budget, subjecting the cost to greater scrutiny.

Enter the VAR or solution provider. In the role of trusted adviser, solution providers are in a position to advise customers how to cut energy costs in terms of their IT infrastructure. That’s just what M.J. Shoer, president of Jenaly Technology Group, recently did in a guest blog entry for the Green Alliance.

Shoer offers a series of suggestions for businesses looking to green up their IT infrastructures. Among the first – updating to new, more energy-efficient equipment. “Newer computer processors use less power and run cooler, thereby generating less heat and requiring less cooler,” he writes. He also advises users to take advantage of the power management capabilities in newer computers.

Shoer takes it a step further, recommending the Belkin Conserve surge protector that lets you control the power to several devices by remote control. Check out the rest of Shoer’s excellent suggestions here.