Gartner: HP Top Server Vendor in Q3

Hewlett-Packard was the world’s top server vendor in the third quarter as
x86-based systems continued to drive growth in the space, according to market
research firm Gartner.

a report issued Nov. 29, HP garnered 32.1 percent of the revenue market
share — generating in more than $3.9 billion during those three months — and
shipped more than 715,000 systems, giving it 32.6 percent of the market. IBM
was in second place in revenue gain, followed by Dell. Dell was No. 2 in
shipments, followed by IBM.

was in fourth in both revenues and shipments, while Oracle — after its
acquisition of Sun Microsystems — was fifth in revenues, and NEC was fifth in

it was the increasing adoption of industry-standard x86 systems that helped
drive the overall growth of the server space, according to Gartner analyst
Jeffrey Hewitt. The industry shipped 14.9 percent more x86 servers than it did
during the third quarter in 2009, and generated 29.5 percent more in revenues,
according to Gartner.

For more, read the eWeek article: HP Was Top Server Vendor in Q3: Gartner.


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