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1Five Hot Technology Gadgets Turning Heads in Hershey


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From NexAira, this new router lets users plug their wireless carrier laptop sticks into the router and provide Internet access to all the PCs in range of the router instead of just one. It comes in a consumer and business model, with the business model providing additional security features. Company officials say the business version, priced at $189, is ideal for mobile applications like Internet-enabling mobile worksites. The consumer version, at $119, can allow customers to drop their residential broadband internet access, according to the company.

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Consisting of an infrared pen, special paper and a USB receiver, this system enables users to annotate Power Point presentations on paper during a presentation so that those notes are projected on the screen to the audience. Annotations are sent to the USB receiver that is plugged into a PC or projection device. Officials point out that the system is far less expensive than digital whiteboards, with a starter kit retailing for $199. Plus, resellers can sell consumables in the form of flip charts and pads and packets of the special printer paper to customers.

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Laptop out of power? Can’t open it because you don’t have enough room? Take notes on a standard notepad of paper and then connect the USB receiver to transfer the editable text into your PC later. Iris Notes with its new pen and receiver let you do just that. Place the receiver at the top or corner edge of your paper, and take notes with the wireless pen. Retails for under $100.

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There’s Amazon’s Kindle and there’s the Sony eReader. And now there’s Bookeen, offering a two-week battery life and a 5-inch E-Ink screen. Falling in the same general price range as those other readers, this eBook reader supports the ePub standard, enabling books to be downloaded from sites such as Barnes and Noble. It does not feature wireless capabilities, so books must be synced from a PC, but that boosts the battery life, officials say. Retail price is $249.

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Archos 9 tablet is an Intel Atom processor-powered netbook that’s just 0.62 inches thick and weighs just 28 ounces. It features a 9 inch touch screen and a thumb mouse. The device offers an on-screen QWERTY keyboard when needed and allows for Web surfing at full width just like on a regular PC. The device ranges in price from $280 to $500, depending on configuration.